Earth Day 2020 – Community Powers Activate!
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Earth Day 2020

At the Arts Bus, we’ve learned imagination is the only limit to creative solutions. Though we won’t be with each other on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this Wednesday April 22, we are calling on all communities to join forces to create art that’s safe to share in windows, on front lawns or porches, in public spaces & social media places.  Whether climate action-inspired or hope focused, let’s create a collective gallery made from materials at home, safely shared on-line & in-life!

Here are ideas and inspirations….

Community Collaboration

In the tri-communities of Randolph, Vermont, here are ways we are encouraging each other and joining in the fun:

Spread Art, Sow Hope, Dig In
Randolph’s Public Pop-up Installation & Virtual Exhibition

Under a banner of “Spread Art, Sow Hope, Dig In”, The Arts Bus joined forces with the White River Craft Center, Randolph Elementary School, the Chandler Center for the Arts, local artists & families to find ways to create & share, with the installations & exhibitions ready for viewing from Earth Day to Sunday (April 22nd to April 26th).  For more info, visit WRCC’s website or email

Art is Safe to Share
Displaying Strength, Compassion & Vitality 

In the valley along the Middle Branch of the White River, the East Valley Community Group is encouraging neighbors to share and display strength, compassion and vitality through an outdoor public art display (i.e. on lawns and by the roadside), available drive-by viewing from Earth Day  to Sunday (April 22nd to April 26th)!

CD Disc Repurposing 

Here’s are ideas for projects to try at home that keep CD/DVD discs out of the landfills.  Make mirrors, angels, fish scales, flowers, leaves anad more — there are several ways to repurpose them into bright, shiny, sparkly, colorful, flying, blooming new art perfect for display indoors or outside!  Instructions here:

 Arts Bus CD Discs Ideas

Whatever you do, fill it with joy and authentic self-expression!
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