Arts Bus Executive Director


Genny Albert is a late-blooming artist with a head for math and love of community.  For two decades, Genny was an executive in the pension fund advisory business with a continual commitment to charitable work.  More excited about the missions of nonprofits and making communities beautiful on the inside, in 2011, she dramatically altered course.

In 2012, she founded an organizational health consultation business focused on building non-profits from tiny to college-sized. In 2014, she began an M.S. in Engineering, Behavioral Sciences – Organizational Development & Andragogy. Thereafter, in response to community need, Genny started a one-woman operation of artistic expression involving interior design, personal/sous chef, gardening, sewing, animal and property care. Through this time, she’s traveled across the North American continent, meeting, making and learning from new friends at each stop.

In 2018, Genny arrived at Brookfield, Vermont to care for goats, chickens, a cat and Buddy the Great Pyrenees. It didn’t take long for the beauty of the area and its people to work their magic, and she is thrilled to call Vermont her new home.

Genny believes there is an artist in everyone just learning when and where to express its best self.