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Welcome Aboard The Arts Bus!

Rolling along since 2010, The Arts Bus is a traveling art and music studio, pop-up theatre, workshop, and maker space engaging children in the fun of creativity through free arts education. From the moment they come aboard the customized bus, kids (and parents) find inspiring, innovative activities prepared just for them to enjoy! One visit we’ll play with clay, another we’ll paint fabrics to wear. We’ll learn new music with instruments and sing thru sock puppets! We will paint, perform, write, tell stories, clown around, enact drama, and share ideas limited only by the boundless imaginations of our artists and the children themselves!

In 2023, The Arts Bus added a huge vehicle for year-round programming in the form of the new MINIBUS!  Thanks to a special purpose grant from Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation, the outstanding artwork of young artists across the state, and the super skills of Awesome Graphics, we are geared up for the future!  With the minibus, The Arts Bus is equipped to continue & expand weekly afterschool programs through any weather, traverse across the entire State of Vermont, and add team members with cargo capacity for even more exciting art forms in Summer Camps & local art facilities. 

Equipped with our minibus, in we aim to inspire creativity over 1,500 times a year in up to 150 Bus Stops and 5,000 times a year with 100 Kit Stops (minibus Kits4Kids deliveries for 10-100 kids) across the State of Vermont! 

There is never a charge to come on board The Arts Bus, as this little green engine funds its programming through grants, family foundations, program partners, sponsors, donors, town appropriations, and fundraisers. If our mission and impact inspire you, we welcome any contribution you give — even a wave as we drive past!  Your support is always welcomed and needed!


             or mail to:

Arts Bus, Inc.
c/o Kimball Public Library
67 Main Street,
Randolph, Vermont 05060


Thank you for your support!


Arts Bus, Inc. dba The Arts Bus is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.