Spring Garden Art for Kids of All Ages!

Hard to believe spring is just about here. . .bulbs are beginning to sprout again, robins are hunting for worms, and all this means it’s time to think about the garden!  Gardens, art, and kids make a fun mix!  Here is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy:

Collect some river rocks of varying sizes.  Have kids paint rocks with tempera paints (safe for kids), and when dry, paint over with mod podge to seal and protect.  You can use old wall or house paint if you want, if you have some around, but those are not “kid-friendly” and best to go with the tempera.    The picture we have here is of caterpillars, but you can have them paint vegetables, bees, butterflies. . .whatever meets their fancy.  When all done, take out to the garden and find the perfect spot for your child’s work of art!

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