The PEACE by Piece Project

The Arts Bus PEACE by Piece Project is a township-based community collage of shared expressions of peace. The concept was designed by The Arts Bus in early 2020 to facilitate & foster community connections through art even while physically distanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering economic pain & confronting civil unrest. Through the project, The Arts Bus is commissioning local artists in 8-10 towns to design a community collage that evokes peace in pieces and in the whole, to result in a permanent or semi-permanent installation in a public space(s) in each town. The art is meant to reflect and be influenced by the events of 2020, allowing for subjective, authentic self-expression by all participants.

The vision of The Arts Bus PEACE by Piece Project is a gathering of Vermont villagers, sharing a warm beverage, meal, afternoon or fire, admiring their town’s artistry, celebrating it and each other with a cheerful green bus nearby.  While we may not all be able to actually all gather at the same time, we can in still be together when we observe our collages, because our Pieces will be united in one PEACE.

What & When are the PEACE by Piece Projects?

Randolph: Whisper in the Wind by Susannah Gravel

This amazing project features 500+ multi-colored flags onto which words and images will be written by Randolph residents about moments of hope, love & empathy in 2020. The week of October 12th, Piece Kits will be distributed throughout all of Randolph with a deadline of October 20th to drop off personalized flags at set locations. The installation below Whale Dance is planned to be open for public viewing on October 25th.

Bethel: Glass Houses Paper Journals by Dayna Sabatino

Capturing Bethel villagers’ words and images about shared joy & acts of kindness, this project is community journal about 2020 to be displayed in hand-crafted glass mosaic houses and bound in book form.  The week of October 19th, Piece kits will be distributed throughout Bethel with a deadline of October 30th to drop off journal pages at set locations. The installation is planned for public viewing by Thanksgiving.

Brookfield: Vessels of Light by Tom Zani

With Sunset Lake‘s floating bridge as inspiration, this project will lighten & brighten the community using colorful sailboats & pontoons made with recycled materials. The week of October 26th, Piece Kits will be distributed throughout Brookfield including a “mast”, 8-pack of colorful permanent markers, and instructions. Our flotilla as sunset on Sunset Lake is planned for Halloween weekend, with just a few more details to work out but …. as the picture shows, the prototypes work!

Braintree: ARTFul Outdoor Classroom by Spencer Lewis & Dan Snow

Showcasing what can happen  with Spark grants, this project grew from a community tile mosaic to a large grant for a whole new outdoor classroom at Braintree Elementary! The stonework portion started the week of October 5th, and the community tile mosaic is planned for Spring 2021.


Who is funding the Projects?

The Arts Bus PEACE by Piece Project received seed funding from Vermont Community Foundation’s SPARK! Connecting Community grant program and is otherwise funded by The Arts Bus’s long-term grantors, sponsors, township & art education enthusiasts. The Arts Bus is seeking donations & sponsors for the PEACE by Piece Projects, who will be richly rewarded with gratitude, attribution plus all our rainbow wishes of good fortune!