Kits4Kids – A  COVID-19 Creative Response!

WE DID IT!  1,250 Kits4Kids Delivered!!
(and still going)

The Arts Bus is tootin’ its horn to share the great news! 1250 Kits4Kids have been given to elementary students in Bethel, Braintree, Brookfield, Chelsea, Middlesex, Moretown, Randolph, Rochester, Strafford, Stockbridge, Tunbridge, Waitsfield, Warren, Williamstown!  We’ve delivered to schools, libraries, town halls, mailboxes, post offices, puppet shows & adventure tours, and even through a bank teller window to put art in the heart of Vermont! 

 For just $20, you activate a child’s imagination.
Please help us unlock creativity & joy by donating today! 

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750 Kits4Kids Delivered and Rolling ON, Rolling STRONG!


As a creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in April 2020 The Arts Bus launched Kits4Kids, a program to deliver FREE arts & craft kit care packages to the hands, hearts & homes of children in Central Vermont! With school and store closures, stay-at-home mandates and job losses, households across Vermont are struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. Even basic needs are difficult to meet. Yet, it was in the midst of a similar environment during the 2008 Great Recession that The Arts Bus came to life. Now in its 10th Anniversary, Vermont’s beloved green bus has driven thousands of miles a 1000 times to empower children to find joy and authentic self-expression through the arts, and the community needs the bus more than ever to keep delivering on its mission!

Thanks to perfectly-timed funding from Tony Keller, Arts Bus Co-Founder and original Board President, plus the steady support of The OnePlanet Program, the bus has already ordered materials for 300 kits and engaged local art-educators to provide project ideas with instructions. School officials from Randolph Unified School District and White River Valley Supervisory Union have jumped on board, allowing Kits4Kids delivery through the schools’ food distribution networks, and put in kit requests for over 1000 kids!

The kits will give capacity for creativity and joy at a time when we all need it in the place we need it – our hearts and homes. Carrie McDonnell, OnePlanet Program Director, adds “Access to materials is a challenge for all of our families at the moment, so The Arts Bus is serving a huge need in our communities by putting all the necessary materials for quality art projects into our students’ hands.” Children will be able to create watercolor paintings 🌈, build craft-stick catapults, bend pipe cleaners into fuzzy creatures, cut shapes for mandalas, color in 24 shades, and use their imagination to express, explore and excite!

With a goal of 1000 kits to 1000 kids, the Arts Bus Kits4Kids program is ambitious and needs financial support from personal donations to large grants. From a donation of just $20, a child will receive a kit with art paper, watercolor paints, rainbow-colored craft sticks, glue, scissors, crayons, instructions and more! To support the Arts Bus Kits4Kids program and see the creativity it has inspired, please DONATE TODAY. To get involved, email for more information.

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