Internship Program

The Arts Bus Project actively recruits college interns for summer positions.  We offer students a living (and very lively!) field “laboratory”, where they can observe children getting in touch with their creative instincts, providing an opportunity to study the nature of creative engagement in early childhood.

The Arts Bus offers Internship opportunities in the following areas:

  • On-board Assistant and Artist
  • Work directly with children and parents in arts activities
  • Assist guest artists in planned activities
  • Create and present art activities (visual, music, theater, dance, etc.)
  • Help plan curriculum and participate in program evaluationsAssistant and Trainer for Creativity Training Program
  • Assist guest trainers in presenting creativity workshops to child-care providers and parents
  • Create and present a workshop
  • Help plan curriculum and participate in program evaluations
  • Administrative Assistant (part-time)
  • Help plan calendar and oversee scheduling of artists and venues
  • Work directly with venue contacts to assure smooth execution of scheduling
  • Help draft and submit grant proposal
  • Help develop a summer fundraising event
  • Attend board meetings and make presentations
  • Recruit volunteers and process background checks
  • Coordinate season-end evaluations

A student can choose one area of study, or elect to participate in all areas.

Qualities we look for in an intern:

The Arts Bus Project is looking for energetic interns who enjoy doing something different everyday and relish thinking outside the box! Flexibility and an ability to think on one’s feet are essential, as well as a flair for multi-tasking.Most of all, we look for interns who would enjoy working with young children and their parents.A major in Early Childhood Development, Art and/or Theater studies, or Non-Profit Management would best fit this position, but we are open to others.The internship begins in the latter part of May, and runs through June, July and August.The internship is non-paid; however there are many opportunities to receive excellent, practical experience.Housing options supplied upon request.

Contact Cynthia Sandusky at:, for more information.

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