Artist Biographies

Mitch Beck

Mitch works in afterschool programs with children from K through 6 bringing art programming to them and fostering their creativity. She also works at the One Planet Summer Camp every year using her talents to spark children’s imagination and creativity.  She volunteers with a  non-profit, SafeArt,  helping with fund raising and community awareness events around the subject of healing trauma through the use of healing arts. Mitch also facilitate a bi-monthly women’s group that supports the healing process of women who have been traumatized

Mitch truly believes in the healing power of the arts and loves to share her love of art with anyone who will sit down and pick up a paintbrush, crayon, pencil, soft pastels, scissors and anything one can find for use in a creative process.




 Sayon playing joyously at a fete in Simbaya Gare, Conakry, Guinea



Sayon Camara

Sayon is an unusually gifted teacher with a rare sensitivity to the student’s perspective. You will find Sayon’s teaching and performance of the traditional musical rhythms for the djembe and dounoun, and the songs and stories of the Malinke people to be passionately and respectfully infused with the gentle, electrifying warmth of pure joy, and patiently delivered with precise crystalline clarity and a relentlessly impeccable sense of time.

Currently, Sayon resides in the United States where he conducts classes for students of all ages and walks of life, as well as workshops and performances throughout the US, in Canada, Japan and the world, giving us all direct access to the knowledge he stewards, as a brilliant Guinean musician who is dedicated to lovingly sharing the rich music of his native culture with others. To learn more visit .



Stephanie Tyler

Stephanie is the owner of Third Branch Pottery in Randolph, Vermont.  She splits her time between her pottery business and working as a para-educator in a preschool program.  Stephanie teaches a variety of process based art with the Arts Bus including pottery and painting.  When she is not teaching or creating pottery, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her two children.